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Tea and food - a perfect match

Hosted by The Tea Atelier



The Tea Atelier

Reynolds St, Balmain

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Tea, food, weekend


Savour subtle flavours

This unique date is perfect for all the tea-lovers and foodies out there. You’ll get to meet a certified tea sommelier and blender, and you’ll learn all about tea and food traditions from around the world.

Best of all, you’ll get to experience firsthand how amazing tea can taste when it is paired with the perfect food! Open yourself up to a whole new world of knowledge and expertise, and practice pairing flavours to highlight, contrast, or balance the taste of fine tea.

Why you’ll love this…

Have you ever wanted to take your tea addiction to a whole new height? Well, here’s your chance. The Tea Atelier will give you a greater appreciation of how to bring out the best flavours in the tea and food you consume. This is a true cultural lesson that will forever improve the way you enjoy your mornings and afternoons!

What you get:

  • Enjoy white, green, Oolong, and black teas from around the world

  • Learn how to pair tea with food to contrast, highlight, or balance different flavours, guided by an expert tea sommelier and blender

  • Take a cultural journey around the globe and experience different culinary traditions

  • Complete Spark date itinerary: Opening Act, Main Event, and Encore

Plus, have comfort knowing every Spark date meets Spark’s high quality standards.

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