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Private rum tour and tastings

Hosted by Brix Distillers



Brix Distillers

350 Bourke St, Surry Hills

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Drinks, tour


Connoisseurs rejoice!

Ever wanted to know more about the fine art of rum? Say no more. Brix Distillers are the ultimate aficionados and we’re bringing you a tour and tasting adventure that you’ll be telling all your friends about.

Learn about the process of rum-making - how rich Australian molasses is turned, via a copper still, into the burnished spirit swirling in your glass. Taste the molasses, and smell the barrel staves. This date will be a multi-sensory experience for you and your partner - the ultimate aphrodisiac.

Why you’ll love this…

You’ll embark on a private distillery tour, guided by an expert from the team, while each enjoying a special Brix rum tasting paddle. As an added bonus, you’ll each get to choose your favourite rum from the paddle, and the bartender will mix you a drink featuring that rum!

What you get:

  • Private 45-minute expert-guided tour of the distillery

  • 2x Brix rum tasting paddles

  • 2x mixed drinks based on your favourite rums

  • Complete Spark date itinerary: Opening Act, Main Event, and Encore.

Plus, have comfort knowing every Spark date meets Spark’s high quality standards.

Additional info:

This date must be booked at least 2 days in advance, so we can organise your tour guide.

What our couples say…

Lots of fun and we learned something! Spark got us out doing something we normally wouldn’t have thought of.

Brandon & Daniel