Absinthe Aficionado

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The Opening Act

But first, food

If there’s one thing you should do before consuming copious amounts of absinthe, it’s eat! In keeping with the French theme, our Opening Act gave our couple some French inspired restaurants to choose from before walking to their Main Event.

The Main Event

Seeing green

Our Main Event saw our couple entering an absinthe wonderland. With the friendliest bar staff in Sydney as their guide, the team at Papa Gede’s gave the couple a brief history and intro to absinthe, followed by a full serve each of traditional French absinthe, and ending with a full serve each of Demoiselle - Australia’s first absinthe distillery - located right in NSW. 

The Encore

Time for dessert

The French inspiration continued into The Encore, where we recommended a nearby wine bar, specialising in wine and cheese from France.

And the night is never over without dessert! We suggested the conveniently close ice cream shop, Aqua S (sea salt soft serve!), because what’s date night without posting some Instagram-worthy shots?!