Comedy Date Night

fun date idea sydney
fun date idea sydney

You spend all week at work being serious and adulting, so what better way to unwind together than over a bottle of wine and some laughs?

The Opening Act

Feed me

The Main Event for this date didn’t serve food, but we love food! And people need to eat, so we provided our couple with some of our favourite places within walking distance to grab a good feed before the show.

Everyone's tastes are different (even within couples!), so we armed our couple with a few choices:

  • Best happy hour specials, without compromising taste!

  • The neighbourhood's #1 cozy pub food, or

  • Can’t-miss Asian hawker-style eats

The Main Event

Did he just say that ?!

Although the comedy show was first in, best dressed, we hooked our couple up with reserved seats so they didn't have to rush dinner and fight the crowd for best position.

Once seated, they chose a complimentary bottle of wine from the full menu before settling in for some laughs.

Our favourite part of improv is the spontaneity. You never know what you’re going to get, which makes it all the more hilarious and genius when it happens!

The Encore

Cheers to us

The worst part of date night is the end, so we gave our couple some options to keep the night going.

Our encore suggestions included insider info on a some hard-to-find quality spots nearby, serving up awesome drinks and after-hours bites before calling it a night.