Gift Spark

Give your partner or a couple you know the best gift of all, unforgettable moments.


The perfect gift

Let’s be frank: planning dates is hard work. It can be difficult to keep that spark alive after years of being in a relationship. What if you could give someone the gift of romance?

Here at Spark, we take on all the logistics to make your gift recipient feel like they’re living in a fairytale. They’ll never want the date to end!

What they’ll receive


The Main Event

The recipient’s Main Event is all organised with the venue before they arrive with no bill to pay. They will get treated to the full VIP experience, without having to pull out their wallet.


The Opening Act & The Encore

These are suggestions for the recipient to extend their time with their partner. Secret Sydney treasures, romantic walks or hidden cocktail bars within walking distance to the Main Event!

1 month


Gift a moment

Your recipient gets:

  • A one month subscription and their choice of 1 exclusive Spark date.
  • A personalised date night itinerary delivered to their inbox.
Gift 1 Month

6 months + 1 bonus


A little something extra

Your recipient gets:

  • A six month subscription and their choice of 7 exclusive Spark dates.
  • A personalised date night itinerary delivered to their inbox with each date.
Gift 6 Months

What our couples are saying