Spark Dates

Exclusive menus, special events, and private tours. When it comes to fun date nights in Sydney, we’ve got your next date night sorted!

Choose from any of the Main Events below, which are 100% paid for under your subscription. We’re always adding new dates, so you’re sure to find something you’ll love.


Most popular dates this month

Hosted by Brix Distillers

Hosted by Cake Wines

Hosted by Mov’in Bed Outdoor Cinema


More available dates this month

Hosted by EcoTreasures

Hosted by Papa Gede’s Bar

Hosted by Brix Distillers

Hosted by Giant Dwarf

Hosted by Manly Bike Tours

Hosted by Modus Operandi brewery

Hosted by Mission Sydney

Hosted by The Blind Barrel

Hosted by Virtual Reality Rooms

cocktail degustation date idea sydney.png

Cocktail making fun

Hosted by Shhh, it’s a secret! (COMING SOON)

Hosted by The Rocks Ghost Tours

Hosted by Culture Scouts

Hosted by Papa Gede’s

Hosted by Secret Cities