Date Rewards

Recommend Spark to your friends - get free dates


Date nights make the world a better place. We know it, our subscribers know it and we want everyone else to know it!

Introducing Date Rewards, our way to reward the Spark community for spreading the word about Spark with amazing dates, on us! It’s so easy to be part of Spark’s Date Rewards…


Recommend Spark to another couple

Introduce your friends to Spark and upgrade their date night game with brand new experiences each month!


Your friends sign up to Spark

Once your friend subscribes to Spark we’ll ask them if they were referred by an existing Spark couple.


Free date for you and your friends

You’ll be able to choose a great Spark date to redeem and book an amazing night for you and your partner!


Date Rewards FAQ

Who can I refer?

  • You can refer anyone you like. Partners, friends, colleagues, parents! Anyone who you think would love a new unique date night organised for them each and every month.

Which date nights can I choose as my reward?

How long do referrers need to sign up for in order for me to get a free date?

  • We’re so confident that new Spark members will fall in love with Spark that they only need to sign up for their first month in order for you both to get free dates. Find out more about how Spark works, by clicking here.

Can we make our free date a double-date?

  • Absolutely! You and your friends can redeem your free dates at the same time and make it a group night out.