What To Expect On A Spark Date

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At Spark, not only do we give you exclusive dates you can’t book anywhere else, but we handle 100% of the organising, so you can relax while an awesome date itinerary is planned for you.

‍So what does a Spark date itinerary actually look like? Well, we break your date down into 3 sections: The Opening Act, The Main Event and The Encore.

The Opening Act serves as a warm up - a place to meet and catch up together. This could be a pre-dinner cocktail bar, a park to explore or a hidden gem you may have never heard of. We make sure it’s within walking distance to your Main Event, and we give you insider info into what makes the Opening Act unique. It’s a way to begin relaxing and slip into the date night vibe.

The Main Event is where the action happens. Think experiences like VIP access to events, exclusive “Spark-only” restaurant menus, cocktail classes, comedy shows, and more. All organised with the venue before you arrive with no bill to pay. Don’t even think about pulling your wallet out because the main event portion of your date is paid for under your subscription. We make sure you’re well taken care of so you can relax with each other without a care in the world.

The Encore is our way of helping you extend your date even further. In the middle of great conversation and want to keep it going? We follow it up with unique nearby spots you’ll love. Have a food-belly and the two of you need to walk it off? We map out walks that’ll help you stretch but also keep the romance going. It’s all in what you’re feeling.

With all of the planning and organising in our hands, you’re left with doing what matters most - spending quality time together. So, what are you waiting for?