Watch these couples on Spark Dates

So you’re not sure whether Spark Dates is worth its price in fun, and you want to see what one of these dates actually looks like? This blog post has got you covered. Over the last couple of months, we’ve been asking some of our Spark couples to record their adventures. This way, they’ll get to keep their memories alive, and you’ll get to watch all the action.

  1. Beat-the-clock escape room date

Mission Sydney cracks down on filming inside the escape room, and for good reason. Nevertheless, this video is a delight to watch. Lumi and Michael have such a great rapport with each other, and their banter is second to none.

2. Virtual reality escape room

If you’re a tech geek, you’ll probably get a lot of date envy from watching this video. Annette and Chris gave rave reviews about Virtual Reality Rooms, and we hear the mini games are a real cherry on top of an amazing date.

3. Six course set menu + drinks

Jacky and Nathan are engaged to be married. Can you tell? They’re super sweet together, and my favourite part of this video by far was when Jacky teased Nathan about how he eats his mac and cheese balls.

4. Stand up paddle boarding safari

In this two-part mini series, we watch Lumi roast her friends from the comfort of her stand up paddle board. It’s a double date adventure that begins with a cute Pomeranian and ends with a very sleepy car ride. Hilarity ensues.

5. Set menu + rum flight

Here’s another double date, and this time it’s a feast! Watch Don, Joyce, Nic and Sam taste some fine rum, zucchini flowers, arepas, and cassava chips. We’re getting hungry just typing this out.

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