8 (mostly) Free Date Ideas You'll Love

Awesome dates don't need to be expensive. The age old saying still rings true today - It's the thought that counts!  While an expensive meal at one of the city's best restaurants is a great date idea for a special occasion, it might not be something we can do every week. As long as you put some thought into the date, your partner will remember the feelings far beyond the cost. We've put together a short list of fun and free date ideas in Sydney to help get you started. Let us know how you go...

1. A simple picnic

picnic date idea sydney

Fellas, if you don't go any further on this list, just remember: Picnics are ALWAYS a thoughtful idea. Grab some cheese, crackers, and make a couple sandwiches. Bonus points for cutting the crust off and turning into fancy triangle sammies. Up the sophistication level with a bottle of wine (Hello, Aldi!) and you've got yourself a solid date that your partner will love.  

2. Take a morning nature walk together

outdoor date idea sydney

One of our favourite things to do is get up early and take a walk through a nature trail before it gets busy. The birds are just waking up and starting to chirp, animals are out collecting breakfast, and you're the only ones there to witness. Keep an eye out for tracks from the nocturnal animals! And if you're feeling especially bright eyed and bushy tailed, you can head out a bit earlier and watch the sunrise together before venturing out on your walk. 

3. Try Geocaching!

fun date idea sydney

Not gonna lie - we had our hesitations about this at first, but it's actually a ton of fun and kept us laughing and entertained for hours! Geocaching is basically a worldwide scavenger hunt with little finds hidden right in plain sight. Teamwork is involved to try to solve the clues and find the general location, but the laughing comes into play when you're both walking in circles, examining the undersides of benches or looking for loose bricks in the side of buildings, generally looking like a really shady couple!

4. Check out a weekend market 

sydney weekend market date idea

We're lucky to have a variety of fun markets happening each weekend in Sydney. Whether it's Glebe MarketsBondi MarketsRozelle MarketsSurry Hills MarketsPaddington Markets....you can find one in just about every corner of our city. Each of them offers the opportunity to wander through the stalls and stumble upon some unique, and sometimes bizarre, items.

5. Have a sand castle building contest

sydney beach date idea

Just like our markets, we have no shortage of beaches in Sydney. One of the best things about Sydney beaches is how easy it is to grab a towel and find a beach that isn't too busy. It's so easy to lay out and relax. But when's the last time you had fun building a sandcastle on the beach? Getting creative in the sand together will bring back that nostalgic feeling of being a kid again, plus you can get strangers to vote on who's sandcastle is best - winner gets a massage!

6. Grab a drink and answer this list of questions  

Sydney Cocktail Bar date idea

You might think you know everything about your partner, but do you really??? Especially fun after a cocktail or two! 

7. Discover some street art 

Sydney Street Art date idea

Take a walk through one of your previously undiscovered neighbourhoods and search out the coolest street art. There are plenty of websites and Instagram pages dedicated to awesome street art and murals. Lots of them are even interactive! So grab your partner, plan the perfect walking route and discovery some of the city's best-kept secrets. 

8. Check out the city lights

Sydney best date idea night

Choose a night with clear weather and go somewhere you can see the lights of the Sydney skyline and just chill out. This could be from a scenic overlook like North Head or as simple as heading up to the roof of your apartment building. Such a peaceful way to end your night together.

This is just a small list, and there are obviously tons of other free date ideas to be had around Sydney. Looking for more free date ideas? Follow us on Instagram! We'd love to know how you go. Happy dating!